Official Video for the hit single “Butterfly Doors”

Art Direction: Llucy Llong | Release date: Summer 2019

IndYah Rashaud is a soul artist from Mobile, AL. A powerhouse singer who draws from her gospel roots, IndYah creates lush harmonies that draw you into a web of narratives to both confront your assumptions and challenge your perception. As of late, her music highlights heavy funk influences and blaxploitation themes. In her latest release, “Butterfly Doors”, IndYah tackles amerikkkan culture in a witty tale of a trick who’s reached the end of her mileage.

The single is one of two from the album, the latter scheduled to be released on Valentines Day. The album, slated to be emancipated in the summer of 2019, will feature a vintage 1970’s feel, while still being Nu and feminine. She hopes to shift the perspective on love, God, relationships, the revolution and the role of the black woman in it all by weaving her love for storytelling with the imaginative production of Robot.Haus. Together, they paint a vivid picture of what it means to be black in a 19–, sorry 21st Century, America.

IndYah has opened for such artists as Cee-Lo Greene and Curren$y and completed a role in The Gulf Coast Production of Dream Girls as Effie White.

IndYah now hosts the Soul Sessions, a monthly show with her band Concentrated Funk, which features a soulful open jam session.

  • Genre: Neo-Funk/Soul
  • Hometown: Mobile, AL
  • Influences: Etta James, Left Eye, Eve, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill
  • Sounds like: Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Sistah Souljah



“That’s when I first knew I had the power to move a crowd.”

-IndYah Rashaud for VoyageATL

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