The Winter Soul Sessions

I know things have been looking a bit different around here. That’s because my focus is a lot different. I have now turned my attention towards my music and using my blog to spark a movement.

I will still carry on my lifestyle and opinion posts once I find my footing here. I hope you haven’t missed me too much.

God is still good, you guys. I still love Him, and I wanted to come and share a bit of our new collaboration. It’s called The Winter Soul Sessions. If you’re in Mobile, AL you must come by sometime. If not, I vow to document it here for you.

Well, first I have a band now! Writing that fact has now led to a revelation that we probably need a band photo so you can see who we are. Duly noted.

In the meantime, however, please enjoy some footage from the show and some pics of the experience.

Second of all, putting together a show and dealing with musicians is a headache that I didn’t account for when I asked God for this, okay? I was not prepared, but He was and we were able to pull off an amazing experience for everyone who came out.

I could list everything that went wrong in this post, but I’d rather focus on all the wonderful things that went right. After you’ve watched the footage below, if you’re still interested, I recorded a podcast for you. Right now, you can find it on Soundcloud, but look for it on iTunes and Spotify tomorrow.

Love you,

Talk soon.

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