A New Standard

I’ve used stayfree products since I was a teenager. They’ve never let me down, they were absorbent, and they had this odor neutralizing fragrance that made me feel clean. You couldn’t pay me to use anything else.

Well, ooh honey boom, I just got over them!

One day I was scrolling social media, minding my own business when I saw this ad for the Honey Pot Co. Intrigued by their simplistic yet vibrant marketing, I clicked the link to see what they were all about. When I arrived at the website, I found that they specialized in plant based feminine hygiene products. I know I’m not the only one who’s been inundated with new information about how unsafe conventional feminine hygiene products are. Ever since I discovered that tampons were the cause of some of my severe cramping, I’ve been searching desperately for an alternative to what I’d been used to. If tampons were unsafe, then pads and pantyliners couldn’t be far behind.

I’ve considered using the diva cup, but quickly ruled out that it was NOT for me. I also tried the thinx panties. Maybe I’ll tell you about that another time. Just know I was caught off guard in a most inopportune time. So, naturally I was open to trying a plant based option, not out of the blue since I was considering treating my cramps with essential oils. It didn’t take me long after wandering The Honey Pot Co. website to decide to take a chance on their line of products. After all, if I was being slowly poisoned by mainstream feminine hygiene companies, trying something nu definitely couldn’t hurt.

So, I ordered my first box which included the regular pads, sensitive pantyliners, wipes, and feminine wash. Another reason why I stayed with stayfree so long was because switching between products would often irritate and throw my lady parts off balance. I have a theory about creating dependency on products, but that’s also gumbo for another day.

The products were very reasonably priced. I got all of those items for about $35.


They arrived in pretty basic packaging keeping with the theme of a simplistic approach to feminine hygiene; and the added touch of privacy didn’t hurt.


Then came d-day. The moment of truth. As a rule I set my expectations very low for most new things as a defense mechanism against disappointment. I put the pad on and I wait for something to happen. I don’t know why, I just did. Suddenly everything down there started to tingle and I got a bit nervous. But then…I realized that the lavender, rose, and aloe infused pads were actually easing my cramps. It became the most pleasant sensation I’ve ever experienced during my period. I found that I was able to relax more and though I was still crampy the essential oils really helped take the edge off. The only draw back I found at first was that the adhesive seemed not so reliable. The pad kinda moved around more than I’d like, but after a couple changes I figured out how to make them stay put. I have a hunch that the type of underwear matters a great deal.

The rest of the products continued to exceed my moderate expectations. I experienced the same sensations when using the pantyliners which made for a much pleasant end to what has been a most unpleasant time. With using traditional products, I would experience chaffing and irritation from the harsh chemicals used to manufacture them. The Honey Pot, Co. products didn’t leave me itchy or irritated. After all was said and done, they didn’t just leave me feeling clean, I actually was…clean. What’s crazy is that they have opened my eyes to how uncomfortable my periods have been up until this point. I didn’t realize how unclean I felt afterwards until this company eliminated that.


The barely there feminine wash just added to the experience. The light foam, also infused with lavender, apple, and coconut oil, gives me a non-invasive way to clean my sensitive parts. So non-invasive that the first time I used it, I wondered if I should be doing more. It left me wanting to frolic in a field of daisies or something. You know the feeling mainstream companies want you to believe they provide but don’t.

Last, but not least, were the sensitive wipes. Even though they clearly state on the packaging that they can be used on your honey pot as well as your face and body, it didn’t occur to me that you could use something you bought for your hoohah as a makeup remover! What?! It makes sense tho, because the product is all natural, that makes them multi purpose. Talk about a bang for your buck.

What’s more is that not only is this company helping privileged women detox their periods, they give a portion of their profits to the Afripads Foundation which helps girls in Uganda receive reusable pads allowing them to go to school and avoid the infections that come with using whatever is around them. And did I mention that the founder is a fellow brown girl? One time for black women entrepreneurs!

I think the honey pot has changed the way I think about my period. I’ve used the products for 2 months now, and my experience has been consistent across the board. I wanted to do this review for you guys because I know that there are a lot of women out there who are looking for alternatives to what they’ve been used to. I know that feminine health can be a lonely place as the topic in and of itself is so taboo.

I want to change that. I want women to be comfortable to discuss their periods with other women who may understand and not have to suffer alone. Although, I am still looking for solutions to my sometimes debilitating cramps, the Honey Pot, Co. has given me hope that they can be helped naturally instead of with the pharmaceuticals being forced onto me.

If you’re looking for an alternative, give them a shout at their website. Use my link to get 20% off! https://thehoneypot.co

They’re having a sale right now, so this may be the perfect time to try something that may change your life and perspective on your period.

Talk to you soon.


The Thrift Maven