Little Red Duster

I just wanna thank Puff Daddy and the entire 90’s decade for this sweater/duster.

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On one of those long strolls through the goodwill in search of winter gear. I came upon this sweater that at first intimidated me. Growing up, wearing red meant being grown and if this sweater ain’t grown then…

Anyway, I was like when would I ever wear this sweater? But then I was like, who else gon’ wear this sweater?

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I put it back a couple times before I finally made my way to the register.

Last year, Mobile had an unseasonably (for Mobile) warm winter, so I didn’t get to wear anything warm. This year we had unseasonable snow (also not unlike Mobile) and I was able to bust out this joint and live my wildest 90’s Matrix themed music video dreams.

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I wasn’t able to find anything about it on the web. The label say’s Clements West. If any of you vintage hounds know anything about the brand, shoot me a note.

The sweater ran me about $9.

Until next time,


The Thrift Maven