For Amanda…

…13 years later it seems kind of silly to say Happy Birthday.

It doesn’t seem fitting of the occasion.

Grandma….Guuuuuuh. Lol

That’s 28 year old me on the other end of your phone. In that other parrallel where I can still do that.

i miss you.

i know you knew that.

i love you.

i know you knew that too.

But how didn’t i know that 13 years later, I’d still be missin’ you?

Something tells me you knew that too.

That’s why 13 years later, i keep sayin it cuz i remember when i thought i’d never make it this far with out you.

13 years later, i still find you in the strangest places.

Like the certain way i sway when i listen to my favorite song…

…in the creases of my hands where my palms once kissed yours.

You show up when the wind sees fit to make the silk of my dress dance in celebration of the walk i got from you.

It’s getting harder to recall the sound of your voice, but…i imagine that’s the sweet sound i hear when I’m suddenly sure of what i need to do. That’s after God said it was cool.

I’m a lady because of you.

…and you still a warm summer day.

You still the smell of wet clay.

You still my Guiding Light,

Penso sempre em vocé.