IndYah Rashaud – Multitude (Official Video)

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Photo by Biogis Miguel


IndYah Rashaud is a soul artist from Mobile, AL. A powerhouse singer who draws from her gospel roots, IndYah creates lush harmonies that draw you into a web of narratives to both confront your assumptions and challenge your perception. Her music, as of late, highlights heavy funk influences and blaxploitation themes. In her latest release, “Butterfly Doors”, IndYah tackles amerikkkan culture in a whitty tale of a trick who’s reached the end of her mileage. IndYah has opened for such artists as Cee-Lo Greene and Curren$y and just finished a role in The Gulf Coast Production of Dream Girls as Effie White.


…a concept album.

It’s funky and gritty and inside out. It’s upside down. It’s probably all over the place. It is me, as I am right now. The way God has shown me to me. I’ve been trying to write this album since 2013, the year after my last project, but God sat me down for 6 years. He didn’t give me any music. I now know that’s because I didn’t have anything to write about. So, Concentrated Funk sounds like 5 years of trial by fire, by emotion, by love, by music… It’s vulnerable and feminine. It’s also in your face and unapologetic. Concentrated Funk has that vintage 1970’s feel, while still being Nu and feminine. To borrow from one of my favorite artists, Llucy Llong, and the cover artist of this project, I feel like if I can depict “the collective elevation of the black man, woman and child as a unit” I will have succeeded with this album. I want to shift the perspective on love, God, relationships, the revolution and the role of the black woman in it. You will hear rich, lush greens, deep, menacing blues, trusting purples, ravenous reds. Alabama red clay…yellow like warm summer days. Healing oranges. All set to melodic Robot.Haus beats.

A release date is TBA, but enjoy the official video for the first single “Butterfly Doors” available now!


Can’t Knock The Struggle x Titus feat. IndYah Rashaud

Our 2019 Tiny Desk Submission!

Butterfly Doors (Live) – MuleFest 2019

J. Hoard’s “No Land for Beasts” x Concentrated Funk

IndYah Rashaud and Concentrated Funk cover “Teach Me” x Fantasia Barrino.

A Recap of the first ever Winter Soul Sessions.

The official video for “Butterfly Doors” available now!

Some performance fun with elb.am and the Satellites at the Shinding. Footage by Kamitte Filmz.

A recent performance at the Merry Widow during the Basshead Jazz set at the South Sounds Music Festival.

Official Video for This is Who I B


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Dear, Miss Rashaud…